I Lost 20 Pounds With These Two Simple Things
I slimmed down 20 pounds wearing Perfect Tights and jumping rope.
In the past 8 weeks I have been losing two and half pounds per week with help of this Super-Garment, following The Art of Fat War Program by Coco Tomātl. Altogether so-far I have lost 20 pounds and I am going for another 40 pounds in the next 16 weeks.

I thought I will remain overweight forever.
To be perfectly honest I would never ever believe that I will be able to get rid of 20 pounds excess fat. The best I could manage before was 7 pounds weight loss in 12 weeks time. 7 pounds in 12 weeks is such a slow progress that I would get bored out of my mind by the end of week 12 and stop exercising altogether. This was before I got my hands on Perfect Tights.  

I have been overweight all my life. Everybody around me was telling me that I could not be any different because of my body frame, bone structure and family genes. I kind of believed it until I met my friend Coco. Coco is the most amazing person I have ever known. She told me one important thing: she told me that fat loss is a warfare and I have to approach it as such.

The Art of Fat War Program by Coco Tomātl made me 20 pounds lighter.
Imagine there is a mosquito in your room, - Coco said calmly, - and you are about to go to bed. Are you going to leave it sitting on the wall? May be you will ask it not to bother you during the night? I don’t think so. I think you are going to chase it until you finally get it. And you will do so as long as it takes and with all means available. Same with fat loss – you have to chase it until you get it, as long as it takes using a large variety of weapons and strategies.

Coco emphasized that it is of key importance to lose weight in a healthy way and in a steady pace. This would keep me motivated. And as in any successful warfare I have to make sure to have enough guerilla fighters at my side: such as weight loss enhancing Perfect Tights.

The Art of Fat War Secret Ingredients?
Jumping rope and wearing Perfect Tights. Watch the movie. Can't reveal more. You want to experience it your self.

Perfect Tights are best Guerrilla Fighters ever. They made me loosing weight 4 times faster!
So what about Perfect Tights? What are these? Why “Perfect”? I will tell you my experiences and you may draw your own conclusions. As any Super-Garment, Perfect Tights are made out of Super-Textile. This textile embeds seven key ingredients which energize me during the day and stimulate weight loss during exercise.

Perfect Tights is like a wearable food supplement, supplying my body with healthy weight loss enhancing components. For me it worked in a remarkable way. Without my tights I would lose 7 pounds in 12 weeks of daily exercise and calorie logging.

Wearing perfect tights is like having strong guerilla fighters on my side: 20 pounds in 8 weeks with same exercise and diet. This is four times faster! May be this is the reason why Perfect Tights are perfect?

Perfect Tights make my legs look perfect!
-    No pilling of any kind
-    No dust attached to tights surface
-    No too short back rise
-    No loose waist
-    No sagging fit
-    No sock-meeting-legging-hem ugliness
-    Very nice to the skin
-    Comfortable in winter
-    Cooling in summer
-    Very stretchable to the point of compressing
-    Moisture wicking
-    Quick-dry
-    Easy care
-    Perfectly black!
Perfect to be worn during the day, every day and during exercise.

How do I feel now?
It feels great finding something you always been looking for! I am so inspired! Come on! 20 pounds lighter! I am almost flying! [LOL]

I look younger. 20 pounds ago I looked like my aunt. Now I am looking almost like my mom on her wedding day. Well, not quite. But almost. Out of a sudden I fit into all those great dresses and out of a sudden I like shopping. I even like my reflection in the back mirror in garment stores.

In fact I had this funny experience lately. In the fitting cabin of M&S I could not help but notice a narrow waist of 29”, neat hips of 40”, legs looking way much skinnier then they used to be. I have even noticed the first signs of a thigh gap which is a miracle to get as I have never ever had one. And on the top of this leg / hip / waist combination I have noticed my back and arms, looking quite heavy in comparison to my lower body.

I was puzzled for a second and could not stop laughing once it became clear to me that legs / hip / waist are exactly the areas which have been wearing my Perfect Tights for the last 8 weeks. Naturally they will be skinnier and more trimmed then the back and arms which are not under influence of my Super-Garment! As happy as I was, I have bough two bras, one size smaller then I need. Because you know what? I am slimming down!

What Do I Do Next? 60 pounds younger!
I continue with Art of Fat War Program by Coco Tomātl and plan to celebrate 60 pounds fat loss 16 weeks from now! In 16 weeks I will be 60 pounds younger! [LOL]

Coco, Coco, Coco. Amazing Coco Tomātl.

Coco is my friend, one of the best. Coco is so amazing – you can not even imagine. I am telling you. Even I, knowing her for years can’t predict her very next move, her very next thought. This is how amazing she is. But one thing is sure. Whatever her move – she turns glass to diamonds, tears to smile, water to wine, words to poems…
I love Coco. She changed my life.
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